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Thu 02 July 2009
India Decriminizalizes Homosexuality
Mon 18 May 2009
Armenia Aligns itself with the EU on Condemning Homophobia
Fri 15 May 2009
Potential Boycott of Eurovision from Contestants if LGBT Protest Attacked
Wed 04 March 2009
Russia Says U.S. Will Collapse
Tue 03 March 2009
Gay Rights Protest in Lebanon
Sun 22 February 2009
A Change in President Means a Change in LGBT Rights in the UN
Thu 19 February 2009
Australia Allows Same-Sex Marriage... Sort of
Mon 02 February 2009
Could Portugal be the Seventh Country to Allow Same-Sex Marriages?
Thu 29 January 2009
Colombia: The Next Country to Allow Gay Marriage?
Thu 29 January 2009
World Gets First Openly Gay Leader