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HIV/AIDS in Armenia

By gay , Published on Sun 22 February 2009
Category: armenia

HIV/AIDS is on the rise in Armenia, but not in the demographic you would think.With 118 new people diagnosed with HIV just last year Hovaness Madoyan, chairman of Real World/Real People, is urging Armenia to introduce mandatory courses on sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention in Armenian Schools. Deputy Health Minister Tatul Hakobian replied back saying "The subject will definately be included [in schools]."

The odd thing is that in Armenia, HIV transmission occurs most often through heterosexual practices. In fact less than 1% of all diagnosis were from homosexual transmission.

But if Armenia is anything like California, then HIV is probably seen as a 'gay disease' and thus many people who are gay don't get tested for fear of being forced out of the closet. And with an expected 2300 people who have HIV/AIDS but haven't been diagnosed, we may see a ballooning problem soon if Armenia doesn't come to terms with homosexuality.

Most of the cases were found in Yerevan.