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Emotions Intertwined

By thecaligarmo , Published on Wed 11 May 2005
Category: Poem

such a powerful word
such a powerful emotion
it drives us
moves us
makes us
develops us
it makes us into who we are, and what we will become.
jealousy. It is the constant feeding emotion deep within my soul. It burns my heart, it scratches at my liver. It burns me to hear the word.
jealousy. It is that constant feeling that you are not loved even though you are. The feeling that the one you do love is being torn out of your arms by another.
jealousy... the feelings i feel now

Its not the fact that they talk, its that I don’t hear about it

that constant drive that is us
the gut
the spirit
the soul
making us into who we are
personality. The thing that determines our every move, who we are and what we will become. It is what we hide when we need seclusion.
personality. when taken we feel naked, like our undersides our shown. When given without permission makes us feel like we’ve been raped
personality.... the feelings I lost now

Its not the fact that they looked, its that I wasn’t there

the feeling down deep inside
hurting us
tearing us
sickening us
making us feel incomplete
hurtfulness. making us know that we did something wrong, even though nothing was done. Making us feel like the world is toppling over into the great oblivion.
hurtfulness. The idea that you can hurt the one you love without even lifting a finger. the idea that you have instilled pain on someone you had no intention of putting pain on.
hurtfullness ... the feelings I have always had

Its not the fact that I hurt, it's that I cant stop