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By thecaligarmo , Published on Fri 15 May 2015
Category: Eurovision 2015

Spain is our next country to look at. Spain has been middle of the line in recent years, although previously they had a very strong record having won a total of 2 times and only receiving last 4 times. Since their second place finish in 1995, Spain has yet to receive top 5, but hopefully this year they'll be able to change that.

Edurne will be singing Amanecer for Spain. Edurne has a long history singing with five albums out on the market with her first one peaking at number three in Spain. Not only is she a singer, but she also acts in short films and TV as well. Let's see what this singer/actress is bringing to the table.

Unfortunately I don't really like this song much. Or at least, I don't like the music video much as not much is happening. I think this song will be better sung on stage, but I think it will be lost on Eurovision audiences. We'll have to see if she can bring the song to Eurovision audiences and blast them into voting for her. I don't think she'll be able to do it, but I've been shown wrong before.
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