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By thecaligarmo , Published on Sat 16 May 2015
Category: Eurovision 2015

Next up is Germany! Germany hasn't had the best history in Eurovision. Although they have participated in every single Eurovision competition, they have only won once and they have been last place five times.

This year they are sending Ann Sophie to sing Black Smoke. Ann herself is a pretty song singer. She has one album out and has been singing since 2011. She normally sings pop, R&B, and soul which comes out as a nice mix in her songs. Let's here how the combination works in her song.

Although usually this mix works, this song is not performed very well. I like the song, but the performance just kills it. If I hadn't watched a live performance I would have thought this song would do fairly well, but this song live just doesn't translate well. We'll see if the audience agrees or disagrees, but I don't think Germany will be doing very well this year.
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