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By thecaligarmo , Published on Thu 14 May 2015
Category: Eurovision 2015

Up next is Azerbaijan! Since joining in 2008 Azerbaijan has done really well. They have not only made every single finals show, but they had made top 10 almost every year (except last year) and have even won already.

This year they are sending Elnur Huseynov to sing Hour of the Wolf in hopes of keeping up their tradition of having a great record at Eurovision. Elnur is not new to Eurovision. He represented Azerbaijan in their first year in 2008 and did fairly well by getting 8th place. Since then he has won the fourth season of The Voice Turkey continuing his winning performances. Let's see what song he is bringing to Eurovision.

This song is amazing! Although the music video doesn't really do much, the song itself is powerful. It reminds me of Conchita's entry last year. I feel like if Elnur stands on stage and brings an amazing performance he'll have a good chance of winning the competition. Although, there is some stiff competition this year, so we'll see how he does. Good luck Elnur!
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