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By thecaligarmo , Published on Sun 04 May 2014
Category: Eurovision 2014

With it being the last Sunday before the competition, let's go to the United Kingdom for the last of the Big 5!

By missing the application deadline for the first competition the UK missed the first Eurovision song contest. Not only that but they also only missed 1 other competition making them one of 3 countries to miss at most 2 competitions. (Sweden and Germany). They won the competition 5 times in 4 different decades and is the only other country to hold such a feat outside of Sweden. Not only that, but they came in 2nd place 15 times as well which makes them a very big competitor; up until 2003. Since 2003 the UK has only made the top 10 one time (in 2009). In hopes of regaining their old steam the UK is sending Molly to represent them. She's a relatively new artist and thus doesn't have the same experience as some of the veterans, but let's see if she can woo the European audience.

The UK actually has a fairly good song this year. It's not necessarily eurovision material, but it's fun to listen to regardless. Molly's voice is fairly nice to listen to and is fairly unique which will help her stand out against a very tough crowd. I think she'll likely make top 15, which is good for the UK, but likely not what they were hoping for.

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