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By thecaligarmo , Published on Fri 02 May 2014
Category: Eurovision 2014

Let's spend this Friday in Spain!

Spain has been in the competition since 1961 and since then has won 2 competitions and came in last for 4 of them. Since their debut they have not missed one competition. Even with being one of the big 5 and automatically qualifying for the finals, Spain hasn't done to well recently. Since 2005 they have made top 20 only 3 times and barely came in 10th in 2012. This year they're hoping Ruth Lorenzo will be able to break the 10th place barrier. Ruth has been singing since 2008 and is best known for coming 5th on the UK's The X Factor in 2008.  With only 1 album she doesn't have much experience, but with the release of her song 'Dancing in the rain'  she quickly gained notoriety. The song quickly became number 1 in iTunes Spain and peaked at 7th in Spains charts. Will the song peak the hearts of Europe? Let's find out!

The song is a fairly nice song to listen to and Ruth's voice is phenomenal, but other than making you want to cuddle with something warm and soft it doesn't really beg you to go out and vote for her. It wasn't my favourite song from Spain in recent years, but it definitely wasn't the worst. I think it'll likely be mid range this year, probably in the low 10's.

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