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By thecaligarmo , Published on Wed 30 April 2014
Category: Eurovision 2014

We next move onto Germany!

Germany was the last member of the big 5 to actually win the competition which is odd as they've only ever won 2 competitions. Not only that, but they've been in 57 of the 58 contests being the country who has been present most often. The only competition they missed out on was in 1996 which they didn't qualify for. With being in so many competitions it makes sense that Germany would come in last place in 5 different competitions. Trying to keep a good streak going, this year Germany is sending Elaiza. Elaiza is actually a band consisting of a Ukrainian and 2 Germans which makes it a fun crowd to be in. Elaiza won the right to represent Germany with their self written song 'Is it Right' by beating out the very popular band Unheilig in the last round of voting by garnering 55% of the televote.

The lead singer's voice is superb so it makes complete sense that Elaiza would win the German Televote. The song itself is not as powerful as a lot of other songs this year so it likely will be surpassed by some of the more intense songs. The thing missing from Elaiza's song is soul. It seems very superficial and for this I think it won't get through to the European audiences. I expect Germany to be somewhere in the 10-20 range this year.

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