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By thecaligarmo , Published on Sat 10 May 2014
Category: Eurovision 2014

I've updated my script to go through and grab more than 1 video on each contestant! So here are the final counts based on the top 3 videos for each country in the final.

   Country           Youtube Counts

1 Austria 5,887,693 2 Armenia 4,653,430 3 Poland 2,503,256 4 Russia 1,979,539 5 Azerbaijan 1,976,124 6 Ukraine 1,690,416 7 Spain 1,552,877 8 Sweden 1,519,179 9 The Netherlands 1,505,421 10 Montenegro 1,459,342 11 Italy 1,198,222 12 United Kingdom 1,054,539 13 Hungary 1,000,856 14 France 976,765 15 Greece 881,200 16 Romania 831,125 17 Finland 775,976 18 Belarus 755,142 19 Norway 692,166 20 Denmark 634,262 21 Switzerland 588,255 22 Iceland 576,997 23 San Marino 571,259 24 Malta 556,109 25 Slovenia 294,267 26 Germany 262,197

Even with the controversy that Armenia caused they have lost their lead by a very wide margin. They are now expected to be in 4th place.

Within 1 day Austria almost doubled their youtube count. This increase is likely due to the phenomenal job Austria did during the second semi-final. Conchita completely blew the audience away complete with a chant emanating from the audience when Austria was chosen last to advance to the finals during Thursdays show. Not only that, but online betting agencies have now altered their bets to put Austria from a distant 12th to 2nd place. Austria still has a lot of competition from ex-soviet states and therefore still has a fairly low chance of winning, but with western europe taking a stand behind Austria we might see a battle on the Eurovision stage as not seen since Ukraine vs. Russia back in 2008.

Sweden is oddly still expected to win, although I'm doubting that is the case. They might be the safe vote, but her song is nowhere near as powerful as previous years and with the unlucky fortune of Sweden being in the first half of the final, they have a statistically low chance of winning.

Poland and Netherlands have also done really well in the last few days and might actually be competition for this years contest.

This years contest seems to be brewing to be a 3 way race between Sweden, Austria and Armenia with the Netherlands trying to peak their face in to the race. We'll see how things end up! Can't wait to see the final scores!!