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By thecaligarmo , Published on Mon 05 May 2014
Category: Eurovision 2014

Tomorrow is the first semi-final!!! In honour we'll be looking at Denmark, the host country, today!

Denmark has been in the song competition since 1957 with an occasional non-attendance. They've had mixed results from the competition, winning 3 times and coming in last place once.  They tend to go back and forth between doing really well and doing very poorly. Right now they're on a winning streak and are hoping Basim can carry them into a second victory in a row. Basim is a pop singer and song-writer of Moroccan origin. He's released 2 albums so far and has had fairly good results from his singles. His song for Eurovision 'Cliche Love Song' was cowritten by him and has peaked at second in the charts in Denmark.

Basim's song is actually really fun to listen to. It's a fun love song that is just super fun to listen to. He almost sounds like Bruno mars which is likely a good thing since Bruno is a phenomenal singer. The song itself is also really good and thus it's no wonder that they chose this one to represent them. I think Denmark has a really good chance of getting top 10 again this year and might even be in the running to host it twice in a row!

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