The Cali Garmo

is Writing


By thecaligarmo , Published on Tue 22 July 2003
Category: Poem

The fire inside me burns with hate
I turn and see my awful fate
Two F's, one D, a life so sad
My parents don't care that I did bad.
I cry, I whine, I yell, I scream
Until the world wakes from a dream.
I laugh, I smile, I crumble, I smirk
For all the world thinks I'm a jerk.
Why was I tortured when I worked so hard,
I sometimes feel like a tard,
Or a psychopath stuck in a cell,
Dreaming this life, which seems like hell.
I imagine the students, the fun, and my life
Which seems so hard with each new strife.
For all I do is work all day
And receive nothing.