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Hiding from the World

By thecaligarmo , Published on Wed 04 September 2002
Category: Poem

The world revolves in many ways, just like people live.
Revolving slowly around their friends, and all their relatives.
And through this revolution, a harmony is born,
A harmony in which love is first, and all bad is dually torn.
And each person on this planet feels the love of another one,
The love that never ends, the one that’s always fun.
But me, I’m very different, no love or friends have I,
For deep inside I hide myself from every seeing eye.
The world thinks it knows me, when I do not know myself,
My friends think they can write whole books and fill a whole bookshelf,
And when I say that it’s not true, that all this was a lie,
They stop and think I’m joking, ‘cause I’m just that kinda guy,

So I hide the truth I hold inside, and keep living a lie,
For that is all my life is now every day and night,
Though I may live it daily, I do not like it so,
It burns my hearts desires to tell every living soul,
That I am not the person, that they all think I am,
That I am something different, something out of the frying pan,
I want the world to know the truth, the truth I carry inside,
The truth I’ve had inside me, the truth I tried to hide,
But yet I have this feeling that if I let it out,
The world will turn its back, and I will start to pout,
And cry all day and cry all night till tears start running dry,
I’ll cry and cry and cry and cry till crying I shall die,
But I know that that’s a lie, that the world will not fall,
The world will not shun my back, the world won’t stand tall,
The world won’t start yelling or screaming, the world won’t deny,
The world won’t start telling me that I might as well just die,
But yet I never tell a soul the truth, forever living this lie,
For what difference does it really make if I believe this lie,
The lie of me and the world, that all shall fall apart,
If I tell the world, how I really feel at heart,
So I keep the truth inside me, never letting it out,
For fears that will never happen never with a doubt,
So I shall live this life I live and keep my life well hid,
For I am afraid of the world and all that lives