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The Lottery Problem – Solved

We had the following riddle. Assume there are 2 different types of lottery. Lotto A makes you choose 6 numbers out of a possible 75,and lotto B where you choose 5 numbers out of a possible 60 and 1 ‘mega’ number out of a possible 40. Which lottery gives you the best odds?

The Lottery Problem

Time for a pop quiz!

How to find a prime

Last week we talked about what a prime number is, but we didn’t talk about a good way of finding what number is prime and what is not [other than checking if any number less than p divides that number]. This area of finding out what number is prime has been a big problem for many mathematicians and still has a lot of unanswered questions. The world of mathematics is still looking for an easy way to calculate whether a number is prime or not with a simple formula.

Prime Numbers

A prime number by definition is a number p>1 such that p has no positive integer divisors other than 1 and p.

Wait… What?

Monty Hall Problem – Solved

Before the holidays I posted a question to you all to get your opinions. The question posed regarded the famous Monty Hall problem in which there are 3 doors and are told 1 has a fabulous present while the other 2 have goats. You select a random door and the host reveals one of the doors that have a goat and gives you a chance to switch doors if you want or not. The question was: is it better to keep the original door, switch doors, or are the odds the same?

Monty Hall Problem

Time for a pop quiz!

Triangles – Fun Fact

Fun fact! In the real world, if you take a triangle and add up the angles, they can equal more than 180 degrees.


Modulo! Mod you who? Modulo: A complicated way to say remainder!


Say you have an infinite number of camels walking through the desert and a little baby camel is born, how many camels are there now? Surely there are still an infinite number, and surely since we added 1 more camel this infinity is greater than the original infinity. But is it even possible for infinity to be greater than infinity? So confusing!

And then there was light…

Do you have an unquenchable thirst for mathematics? From Euclid to Newton to Einstein, you want it all. You want to know the details about topologies and about the intriguing nature of prime numbers and Fibonacci numbers. The Cali Garmo does it all in his new weekly blog!