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United Kingdom

Up next is the United Kingdom, one of the most successful countries in Eurovision history. Since 1957 they have won 5 competitions and only started doing poorly in recent years receiving last place in 2003, 2008 and 2010; only once ever getting nul points in 2003. Not only that, but until 1998, the UK had …

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Up next is Azerbaijan! Since joining in 2008 Azerbaijan has done really well. They have not only made every single finals show, but they had made top 10 almost every year (except last year) and have even won already. This year they are sending Elnur Huseynov to sing Hour of the Wolf in hopes of keeping up …

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Next up in our line up is Belgium! Since winning in 1986 Belgium hasn’t been doing to well since the semi-finals were introduced only getting into the finals twice. In fact, they have received last place 8 times in this entire competition. This year they are sending Loïc Nottet singing Rhythm Inside in hopes that it will break …

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