Tag: Eurovision 2008

May 14


Up next is Azerbaijan! Since joining in 2008 Azerbaijan has done really well. They have not only made every single finals show, but they had made top 10 almost every year (except last year) and have even won already. This year they are sendingĀ Elnur Huseynov to singĀ Hour of the Wolf in hopes of keeping up …

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May 10


I’ve updated my script to go through and grab more than 1 video on each contestant! So here are the final counts based on the top 3 videos for each country in the final.   Country Youtube Counts 1 Austria 5,887,693 2 Armenia 4,653,430 3 Poland 2,503,256 4 Russia 1,979,539 5 Azerbaijan 1,976,124 6 Ukraine …

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Apr 07


Continuing in the 1st semifinal, we’re up to Russia! Russia generally does fairly well in the Eurovision Song contest. It has won one time back in 2008, received second place three times and has gotten in third twice. And since it began in 1994 it’s no wonder that Russia is a Eurovision powerhouse. Usually boosted …

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Mar 25


Next up on our list is Armenia who will be in the 1st Semi-final as well. This year Armenia will be represented by Aram MP3. Aram himself is not only an excellent singer, but he also does comedy on the side which made many Armenians weary about selecting him. His singing talent though ended up …

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