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By thecaligarmo, Published on Tue 29 April 2014
Category: Ranking

With the semi-finals done, let's move onto the big 5! The first of the big 5 is France!

France likely has one of the best records in Eurovision history. From the beginning in 1956 until now they have only missed two shows and have won 5 competitions. The reason they have one of the best records though is because they have never come in last place. Ever. That in itself is such an achievement! This year France is sending Twin Twin in hopes of winning their 6th victory. Twin twin have come out with 2 albums since 2011 which makes them fairly new to the music world. For their European premiere they'll be singing a song called 'Moustache'.

Their song is exactly about what you would think it's about, wanting a moustache. The songs beat is really fun to listen to and makes you dance along. It's also *finally* a funny song not about cakes. At the end of the day though, France's song is just one big joke song. I think it's funny to listen to, but the audiences of Europe are just not going to pick up their phones to vote for it. I think this year might be France's first year to be in last place.

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