The Netherlands

Our first entry is The Netherlands! After having no wins since 1975, The Netherlands gave a good strong effort last year with the group The Common Linnets which ended up being one of the crowd favourites in the run up to the actual competition. Whatever the Netherlands did last year turned out to work greatly in their favour as they ended up getting second place! Although the gap between Austria and the Nethlands was over 50 points, they were only one of a few countries that actually had a running chance in winning.

This year they send Trijntje Oosterhuis to sing Walk Along in hopes of winning the competition. Trijntje has had 9 albums, two of which have gotten to the number one spot in the Dutch album charts and only two of which went platinum. The song on the other hand was written by Anouk, which you might remember as being the Danish entry two years back with the song Birds getting 9th place in the competition.

Let’s hear what Anouk’s lyrics and Trijntje’s voice come together as in this years Danish entry.

Unfortunately this song has us wondering why, why, why they have submitted this song. The underlying beat is nice, and Tijntje’s voice is ok, but it seems fairly stretched. Her voice seems to have a little difficulty hitting some of the notes and the lyrics themselves are slightly too repetitive. Although repittion is a good thing, With the word why appearing 90 times (by my count) it’s just a little much. (Although, secretly I was hoping for 10 more why’s to hit a nice round 100). Although not an amazing song, it has an ok shot of getting through the semi-finals and making it into the finale.

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People voted with their hearts, Juries with politics; Austria wins either way

Congratulations to Conchita Wurst for being the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Winner! She deserved the title and both the juries and the televoting agreed on that account!

Here are the final results of yesterdays show:

Country Points
1 Austria 290
2 The Netherlands 238
3 Sweden 218
4 Armenia 174
5 Hungary 143
6 Ukraine 113
7 Russia 89
8 Norway 88
9 Spain 74
10 Denmark 74
11 Romania 72
12 Finland 72
13 Switzerland 64
14 Poland 62
15 Iceland 58
16 Belarus 43
17 United Kingdom 40
18 Germany 39
19 Montenegro 37
20 Greece 35
21 Azerbaijan 33
22 Italy 33
23 Malta 32
24 San Marino 14
25 Slovenia 9
26 France 2

Although, it looks as though in a weird turn of events the juries were significantly more political than the televoters. In 2009 the EBU introduced the new voting rules where juries would get 50% of the vote and the televoters would get 50% of the vote. Since then the juries have helped stabilise the political voting that seemed to be present throughout most of Europe, although this year the EBU released results from both the juries and the televote and the results paint a grim picture. It seems as though the juries have been making the contest more political in recent years than the televoters did in the past. If the juries had their way the contest would have ended like this:

Country Points
1 Austria 212
2 Sweden 201
3 The Netherlands 200
4 Hungary 138
5 Armenia 137
6 Malta 119
7 Azerbaijan 118
8 Finland 114
9 Norway 102
10 Denmark 85
11 Spain 83
12 Ukraine 78
13 Russia 70
14 Germany 61
15 Iceland 59
16 United Kingdom 52
17 Romania 51
18 Greece 49
19 Montenegro 48
20 Belarus 40
21 Italy 37
22 Switzerland 27
23 Poland 23
24 Slovenia 21
25 San Marino 16
26 France 5

We see that Austria would have still won the competition, but due to regional voting blocs the votes were more spread out thus diluting the votes. In this way Austria would have barely won with a strong Nordic bloc voting themselves very highly

By looking at the public we might expect a similar diluted point system, but it turns out the televote were much less political and seemed to vote with their ears. The results of the televote were:

Country Points
1 Austria 311
2 The Netherlands 222
3 Armenia 193
4 Sweden 190
5 Poland 162
6 Russia 132
8 Ukraine 114
7 Switzerland 114
9 Romania 103
10 Hungary 98
11 Belarus 56
12 Iceland 46
13 Denmark 43
14 Greece 43
15 Spain 41
16 Finland 39
17 Norway 39
18 Germany 33
19 Montenegro 33
20 Italy 32
21 United Kingdom 29
22 Azerbaijan 26
23 San Marino 18
24 Malta 17
25 Slovenia 15
26 France 1

As we see, the people overwhelmingly voted for Austria. The people demanded and they got what they wanted. In some countries (notably Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia,  and Belarus) the people were what carried Austria into a winning position. In every country that had televoting Austria made top 5 (Except Estonia who gave Austria 8th place) while only 19 of the 37 juries put Austria in their top 5 (and 10 didn’t even give her top 10).

Now some might argue that the juries just noticed that Conchita’s voice wasn’t that great, but this can easily be seen to not be the case. When looking at individual jury votes it becomes very clear that Conchita was usually heavily split. Either the jury voted them top 10 or they voted her bottom 2. Yes, not bottom 10, bottom 2. This seems to imply that the juries prejudice and/or forced politics were the deciding factor for them not voting for Austria.

Luckily, at the end of the day the people of Europe overcame politics and lifted Austria to a win showing that Europe as a whole believe in the uniqueness of the individual. That Europe is accepting of who you are, no matter what you are. That what you can do means more than what you look like. That their governments do not represent them. That Europe is an open and free place with welcoming arms to all. It was a great day in Europe that wasn’t seen since Dana International won back in 1998.

To view the breakdown in one page you can view them here: (If you see any errors, please let me know as I had to hand copy/paste the results as EBU doesn’t actually display the results in a nice format) All information was gathered from

Can’t wait to be in Austria next year, and until next year, Good night Europe!


I’ve updated my script to go through and grab more than 1 video on each contestant! So here are the final counts based on the top 3 videos for each country in the final.


Country Youtube Counts
1 Austria 5,887,693
2 Armenia 4,653,430
3 Poland 2,503,256
4 Russia 1,979,539
5 Azerbaijan 1,976,124
6 Ukraine 1,690,416
7 Spain 1,552,877
8 Sweden 1,519,179
9 The Netherlands 1,505,421
10 Montenegro 1,459,342
11 Italy 1,198,222
12 United Kingdom 1,054,539
13 Hungary 1,000,856
14 France 976,765
15 Greece 881,200
16 Romania 831,125
17 Finland 775,976
18 Belarus 755,142
19 Norway 692,166
20 Denmark 634,262
21 Switzerland 588,255
22 Iceland 576,997
23 San Marino 571,259
24 Malta 556,109
25 Slovenia 294,267
26 Germany 262,197


Even with the controversy that Armenia caused they have lost their lead by a very wide margin. They are now expected to be in 4th place.

Within 1 day Austria almost doubled their youtube count. This increase is likely due to the phenomenal job Austria did during the second semi-final. Conchita completely blew the audience away complete with a chant emanating from the audience when Austria was chosen last to advance to the finals during Thursdays show. Not only that, but online betting agencies have now altered their bets to put Austria from a distant 12th to 2nd place. Austria still has a lot of competition from ex-soviet states and therefore still has a fairly low chance of winning, but with western europe taking a stand behind Austria we might see a battle on the Eurovision stage as not seen since Ukraine vs. Russia back in 2008.

Sweden is oddly still expected to win, although I’m doubting that is the case. They might be the safe vote, but her song is nowhere near as powerful as previous years and with the unlucky fortune of Sweden being in the first half of the final, they have a statistically low chance of winning.

Poland and Netherlands have also done really well in the last few days and might actually be competition for this years contest.

This years contest seems to be brewing to be a 3 way race between Sweden, Austria and Armenia with the Netherlands trying to peak their face in to the race. We’ll see how things end up! Can’t wait to see the final scores!!

Second Semi-Final

With only 8 hours to go it’s time for the 2nd Semi-Final! Unlike last semi-final there are a lot of contestants this time that are in the middle zone. The top 6 in Youtube counts will definitely make it through, and the bottom three will definitely not, but the middle 6 can go any which way! With the numbers so close it’ll be exciting to see how they all line up after the show.

Country Youtube Counts
1 Austria 3,015,151
2 Poland 1,006,881
3 Israel 822,830
4 Romania 505,267
5 Norway 391,096
6 Belarus 373,782
7 Malta 333,010
8 F.Y.R. Macedonia 321,364
9 Lithuania 320,507
10 Finland 320,444
11 Ireland 312,715
12 Greece 297,099
13 Switzerland 251,576
14 Georgia 220,324
15 Slovenia 141,230

First Semi-Final

In just 8 hour the first semi-final will begin! I’m super excited to see the contestants perform for the first time in front of a live audience. It should be super fun. As of this morning, here are the youtube counts for all the participants in the first semi-final. The top 7 on the list will definitely go through and the bottom 3 are very likely to fail, but there is a lot of wiggle room in the middle 6. We will see which countries are able to make it all the way through and which ones end up falling flat.


Country Youtube Counts
1 Armenia 2,766,870
2 Azerbaijan 1,352,153
3 Montenegro 954,451
4 Ukraine 745,423
5 Sweden 688,315
6 Russia 683,383
7 Hungary 434,109
8 The Netherlands 391,744
9 Estonia 308,342
10 San Marino 255,748
11 Albania 253,257
12 Iceland 247,084
13 Latvia 235,545
14 Portugal 211,915
15 Belgium 210,556
16 Moldova 200,810


Tomorrow is the first semi-final!!! In honour we’ll be looking at Denmark, the host country, today!

Denmark has been in the song competition since 1957 with an occasional non-attendance. They’ve had mixed results from the competition, winning 3 times and coming in last place once.  They tend to go back and forth between doing really well and doing very poorly. Right now they’re on a winning streak and are hoping Basim can carry them into a second victory in a row. Basim is a pop singer and song-writer of Moroccan origin. He’s released 2 albums so far and has had fairly good results from his singles. His song for Eurovision ‘Cliche Love Song’ was cowritten by him and has peaked at second in the charts in Denmark.

Basim’s song is actually really fun to listen to. It’s a fun love song that is just super fun to listen to. He almost sounds like Bruno mars which is likely a good thing since Bruno is a phenomenal singer. The song itself is also really good and thus it’s no wonder that they chose this one to represent them. I think Denmark has a really good chance of getting top 10 again this year and might even be in the running to host it twice in a row!

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United Kingdom

With it being the last Sunday before the competition, let’s go to the United Kingdom for the last of the Big 5!

By missing the application deadline for the first competition the UK missed the first Eurovision song contest. Not only that but they also only missed 1 other competition making them one of 3 countries to miss at most 2 competitions. (Sweden and Germany). They won the competition 5 times in 4 different decades and is the only other country to hold such a feat outside of Sweden. Not only that, but they came in 2nd place 15 times as well which makes them a very big competitor; up until 2003. Since 2003 the UK has only made the top 10 one time (in 2009). In hopes of regaining their old steam the UK is sending Molly to represent them. She’s a relatively new artist and thus doesn’t have the same experience as some of the veterans, but let’s see if she can woo the European audience.

The UK actually has a fairly good song this year. It’s not necessarily eurovision material, but it’s fun to listen to regardless. Molly’s voice is fairly nice to listen to and is fairly unique which will help her stand out against a very tough crowd. I think she’ll likely make top 15, which is good for the UK, but likely not what they were hoping for.

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Youtube Ranking – 03 May 2014

1 week before the finals! I hope everyone is ready =D Here are the youtube rankings for this week!


3 May 2014 26 April 2014 Increase % Increase
Armenia 2,556,737 2,230,642 326,095 14.62%
Austria 2,312,510 1,830,694 481,816 26.32%
Azerbaijan ↑(+4) 1,256,666 582,509 674,157 115.73%
Montenegro ↓(-1) 913,328 843,885 69,443 8.23%
Spain ↓(-1) 841,130 700,528 140,602 20.07%
Italy ↓(-1) 762,719 658,495 104,224 15.83%
Poland ↑(+2) 721,621 505,018 216,603 42.89%
United Kingdom ↓(-2) 689,044 611,516 77,528 12.68%
Israel ↓(-1) 664,216 553,390 110,826 20.03%
Ukraine 639,269 464,499 174,770 37.63%
Sweden ↑(+1) 595,699 453,283 142,416 31.42%
Russia ↓(-1) 584,346 455,640 128,706 28.25%
France ↑(+1) 455,814 351,011 104,803 29.86%
Romania ↓(-1) 434,142 378,623 55,519 14.66%
Hungary 386,825 319,167 67,658 21.20%
The Netherlands ↑(+1) 327,822 265,715 62,107 23.37%
Denmark ↑(+1) 309,172 232,516 76,656 32.97%
F.Y.R. Macedonia ↓(-2) 290,815 271,578 19,237 7.08%
Norway 279,564 217,188 62,376 28.72%
Belarus 276,063 216,989 59,074 27.22%
Estonia ↑(+2) 267,277 208,905 58,372 27.94%
Malta ↑(+4) 264,241 196,468 67,773 34.50%
Ireland ↓(-2) 255,918 215,869 40,049 18.55%
Lithuania ↓(-2) 251,479 214,342 37,137 17.33%
Greece 241,172 202,753 38,419 18.95%
San Marino ↓(-2) 236,152 206,653 29,499 14.27%
Albania 225,088 190,967 34,121 17.87%
Iceland 218,133 179,890 38,243 21.26%
Finland ↑(+1) 215,113 159,420 55,693 34.93%
Germany ↓(-1) 205427 175284 30,143 17.20%
Latvia 201,177 157,103 44,074 28.05%
Portugal 188,629 156,468 32,161 20.55%
Switzerland ↑(+2) 186,694 149,039 37,655 25.27%
Belgium ↓(-1) 186,638 153,700 32,938 21.43%
Georgia ↓(-1) 179,297 150,652 28,645 19.01%
Moldova 178,661 146,897 31,764 21.62%
Slovenia 132,250 124,501 7,749 6.22%

The last week has been crazy! Azerbaijan has thrown it’s all in a last minute publicity stunt from the looks of it as they are surging like no other contestant! They’ve gone up 4 spots to now hold third place and seems to be poised to get ridiculously close to Austria and Armenia. Austria did a much better job this week of cracking down Armenia’s lead. From the looks of it Armenia’s early publicity stunt might have hurt it as people are slowly starting to look at other contestants now. Slovenia is still holding onto its last place position and seems determined to keep it that way. Not only did they have the least views 3 weeks running, but they also have the least growth again.  With the semi-finals so close, let’s see if things continue to change and if viewership means anything at all.


Let’s spend this Friday in Spain!

Spain has been in the competition since 1961 and since then has won 2 competitions and came in last for 4 of them. Since their debut they have not missed one competition. Even with being one of the big 5 and automatically qualifying for the finals, Spain hasn’t done to well recently. Since 2005 they have made top 20 only 3 times and barely came in 10th in 2012. This year they’re hoping Ruth Lorenzo will be able to break the 10th place barrier. Ruth has been singing since 2008 and is best known for coming 5th on the UK’s The X Factor in 2008.  With only 1 album she doesn’t have much experience, but with the release of her song ‘Dancing in the rain’  she quickly gained notoriety. The song quickly became number 1 in iTunes Spain and peaked at 7th in Spains charts. Will the song peak the hearts of Europe? Let’s find out!

The song is a fairly nice song to listen to and Ruth’s voice is phenomenal, but other than making you want to cuddle with something warm and soft it doesn’t really beg you to go out and vote for her. It wasn’t my favourite song from Spain in recent years, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I think it’ll likely be mid range this year, probably in the low 10’s.

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With Eurovision fast approaching it’s time to focus our attention to Italy!

Italy was in the competition from the very start and since then has won twice and came in last only once. For a while Italy even got sick of competing as they went on hiatius from 1998 – 2010. Since their return in 2011 Italy has done really well getting top 10 in all three competitions and getting 2nd in 2011. This year they’re sending Emma Marrone to see if she can bring the competition back to Itally. Emma has been singing in Italy for quite a few years with all 3 of her albums going 2x platinum. Emma will be singing a song she created herself called ‘La mia città’ to represent Italy.

The song is definitely one for the clubs and fits in very nicely in Eurovision. With it’s dance undertones the song is fun to just bounce to. As long as Emma can bring the voice and the performance this song is ready to be one of the top 10 this year.

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