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May 11 2014

People voted with their hearts, Juries with politics; Austria wins either way

Congratulations to Conchita Wurst for being the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Winner! She deserved the title and both the juries and the televoting agreed on that account! Here are the final results of yesterdays show: Country Points 1 Austria 290 2 The Netherlands 238 3 Sweden 218 4 Armenia 174 5 Hungary 143 6 Ukraine …

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May 10 2014


I’ve updated my script to go through and grab more than 1 video on each contestant! So here are the final counts based on the top 3 videos for each country in the final.   Country Youtube Counts 1 Austria 5,887,693 2 Armenia 4,653,430 3 Poland 2,503,256 4 Russia 1,979,539 5 Azerbaijan 1,976,124 6 Ukraine …

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May 08 2014

Second Semi-Final

With only 8 hours to go it’s time for the 2nd Semi-Final! Unlike last semi-final there are a lot of contestants this time that are in the middle zone. The top 6 in Youtube counts will definitely make it through, and the bottom three will definitely not, but the middle 6 can go any which …

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May 06 2014

First Semi-Final

In just 8 hour the first semi-final will begin! I’m super excited to see the contestants perform for the first time in front of a live audience. It should be super fun. As of this morning, here are the youtube counts for all the participants in the first semi-final. The top 7 on the list …

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May 05 2014


Tomorrow is the first semi-final!!! In honour we’ll be looking at Denmark, the host country, today! Denmark has been in the song competition since 1957 with an occasional non-attendance. They’ve had mixed results from the competition, winning 3 times and coming in last place once.  They tend to go back and forth between doing really …

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May 04 2014

United Kingdom

With it being the last Sunday before the competition, let’s go to the United Kingdom for the last of the Big 5! By missing the application deadline for the first competition the UK missed the first Eurovision song contest. Not only that but they also only missed 1 other competition making them one of 3 …

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May 03 2014

Youtube Ranking – 03 May 2014

1 week before the finals! I hope everyone is ready =D Here are the youtube rankings for this week!   3 May 2014 26 April 2014 Increase % Increase Armenia 2,556,737 2,230,642 326,095 14.62% Austria 2,312,510 1,830,694 481,816 26.32% Azerbaijan ↑(+4) 1,256,666 582,509 674,157 115.73% Montenegro ↓(-1) 913,328 843,885 69,443 8.23% Spain ↓(-1) 841,130 700,528 140,602 20.07% Italy ↓(-1) …

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May 02 2014


Let’s spend this Friday in Spain! Spain has been in the competition since 1961 and since then has won 2 competitions and came in last for 4 of them. Since their debut they have not missed one competition. Even with being one of the big 5 and automatically qualifying for the finals, Spain hasn’t done …

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May 01 2014


With Eurovision fast approaching it’s time to focus our attention to Italy! Italy was in the competition from the very start and since then has won twice and came in last only once. For a while Italy even got sick of competing as they went on hiatius from 1998 – 2010. Since their return in …

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Apr 30 2014


We next move onto Germany! Germany was the last member of the big 5 to actually win the competition which is odd as they’ve only ever won 2 competitions. Not only that, but they’ve been in 57 of the 58 contests being the country who has been present most often. The only competition they missed …

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