Category: Eurovision 2012

May 25 2012


With both semi-finals completed, it’s time to finally review the final country, the winner from last year, Azerbaijan! There song last year kind of unexpectedly won. Truthfully at first I didn’t like Azerbaijan’s song last year, but after a few listen’s it grew on me and I learned to love it. Their song this year …

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May 23 2012


I hope you enjoyed last night’s show as much as I did. Crazy things and everything, but we are not done reviewing! Still 2 countries left. Today is Spain and they get the regret award for wanting someone to stay so bad. The song is a pretty good song. It’s a little on the safer …

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May 21 2012


Unfortunately I couldn’t go and visit the land of Lordi this time around, but since it’s the day before the 1st semi-final and since I travelled near their neighbors, today you get the Finnish review. How did Finland get Alyson Hannigan to sing for them? Wait, it’s not Willow from Buffy? Well Finland gets the …

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May 20 2012

United Kingdom

I’m back home! I love the UK and I’m so excited to be back. One day I hope to move here, but we’ll see how it all turns out. One day at a time. In honor to her majesty and to this wonderful country I’ll review Engelbert today. The folk song award goes to UK. …

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May 19 2012


Hello Norway! I recently learned that you all have the 4th largest GDP in the world per person. Glad to join you guys for a day. In honor of Alexander Rybak I’ll review Tooji today. Norway gets the night club award. This song was designed for the night club and is freaking phenomenal. I love …

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May 18 2012


Hello Estonia! I might just be here for 10 hours to watch Kazaky perform, but I’ll take in as much of your beautiful country as I can. While I’m here for such a short period of time I’ll try and do justice to your entry into Eurovision this year. Estonia get’s the random words award! …

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May 17 2012


Hello Sweden! I am visiting Lund today on my way up to Stockholm. Sweden has always been a country I wanted to visit, so I am super excited that I ended up here. In honor of travelling through Sweden I’ll go ahead and review their entry in this year’s Eurovision. The hippy award goes to …

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May 16 2012


Hello from Denmark! Since I’m in Denmrak today I’ll go ahead and look into their entry today. Truthfully, I don’t like Denmark’s entry this year. I don’t think they’re even gonna make the finals unfortunately. But they get the awkward outfit choice by performer award. Which is not the best of awards. Is she regretting …

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May 15 2012


Today I am training through Germany. I’d like to say that is a reason to say that I’ve been to Germany, but I unfortunately can’t count it that way. Until I step foot in Germany, I’ll still say I haven’t been here. But you do look gorgeous Germany! One day I promise to be back. …

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May 14 2012


I’m gonna be watching Kazaky perform in exactly 4 days! In honor I figured I would jump start my excitement by looking at Ukraine today. Can they even begin to compare to Verka Serduchka? I highly doubt it, but if they hope to win, they better. Well Ukraine, I’ll give you the Disney award for …

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