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With our first week done, let’s end things with Hungary! This year Hungary is sending András Kállay-Saunders to try and beat their 10th place finish from last year. András, although technically born in the US, was born to Hungarian model Katalin. and is a descendant of the noble Kállay family from his mother’s side as …

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Let’s start this friday off with Estonia! Estonia has been doing fairly well in the last few years in Eurovision getting into the finals in the last 3 years and matching their record of 6th overall in 2012. This year Estonia is sending us Tanja! Although technically born in Russia, Tanja moved to Estonia at the …

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The drama of queens – Austria counters Armenia

With what might be the start of a made for TV drama, Conchita Wurst, the representative from Austria, has countered Aram MP3’s homophic and transphobic remarks. Heute (a newspaper company out in Vienna) just came out with an article on the Austrian entries remark. “Oje, das heißt er wird mich nicht heiraten? Um ehrlich zu …

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Next up in alphabetical order is Belgium! Belgium! Where do I begin… Since 2005 when the semi-finals were introduced Belgium has made it in the finals only twice, once in 2010 and once last year. So you would think they would send someone who is able to match the previous times they made it further …

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Azerbaijan was selected to be in this year’s first semi-final as well! Let’s see what they have in store for us this year. Azerbaijan has a history of doing very well in the Eurovision song contest, making it into the finals every year, and winning the contest in 2011. To continue their tradition they’re sending …

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Next up on our list is Armenia who will be in the 1st Semi-final as well. This year Armenia will be represented by Aram MP3. Aram himself is not only an excellent singer, but he also does comedy on the side which made many Armenians weary about selecting him. His singing talent though ended up …

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We start off our journey with the 1st Semi-Final! For the first semi-final we’ll go in alphabetic order, so that starts us off at Albania! This year Albania will be represented by Hersi Matmuja who, at 24, has already attempted to represent Albania 4 other times in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her previous 4 predecessors …

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We’re back this year and all prepped and ready to give you our opinions on each contestant in this years Eurovision Song Contest. Not only that, but we’ll be updating you weekly on the rankings of each and every contestant! So stay tuned as there is much more coming your way.