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Greece wins the hot award! The boys were cute and those shoes girl! I loved them =) The music sounds like a good chunk of previous entries from Greece. They usually do very well, so I expect them to show up at least in the finals. And depending on the hottness of the guys, Eleftheria …

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Cyprus gives us a lot of love with “La La Love”! They also get the honor of having ‘the performer that looks like Anne Hathaway’ award. It also reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, the one that Tim Burton made. I think this entry woun’t do to good mainly because it has such stronger competition. …

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Today we celebrate the saddest song of the competition. Albania sends us Rona Nishliu who has a very nice voice. She has a very emotional voice that reminds me of Adele, but lacking the belting of emotion that Adele is so fond of. I really like Rona’s song and in the tough times happening in …

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San Marino

The company I work for just released our new website ( and since it’s a social way of doing job search I decided to talk about San Marino’s entry today. It’s all about the social network baby! Personally I think the song is kinda cute. It definitely does not compete very well in the 1st …

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Today’s theme is ‘worst entry of the year’. This year the honor goes to Austria! Watch as Austrian’s try to do some sort of hip-hop/rap combo thing, and girls in neon lycra do nothing but shake their butts. But that makes sense for a song all about butts! Although I would say they will not …

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Get Ready Europe!

Get ready Europe! Eurovision begins in only 40 days and I’m sure Baku has some crazy surprises for us this year. Stay tuned for updates as to what is happening and our daily country of the day!