Next up is Albania! Although they’ve had a mixed history throughout Eurovision, they’ve done decently well. Since joining the competition in 2004 they have been in the finals 6 times and failed to qualify 5 times. But even with all this they have only one time gotten top 5.

This year they are sendingĀ Elhaida Dani singingĀ I’m Alive in hopes to break top 5 again. Elhaida has a fairly strong following after winning Star Academy Albania and also winning The Voice of Italy in 2013 with over 70% of the public vote. With such a following as that, let’s see what her entry will sound like.

This song is a really nice song. It’s fun to listen to and has a really nice beat to it. Additionally, Elhaida is pleasent to look at which means she will get a lot of votes based on that as well. Her song is a good mix of fast and slow and thus I think it will go fairly far. I’m pretty sure it will reach top 5 again this year.

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