Next up is Iceland! Participating since 1986, Iceland is the only Norhtern European country to not have won Eurovision, although they have received second place twice. In the last few years though, they have been roughly around the 20th place mark which is better than not making it past the semi-finals.

This year they are sendingĀ Maria Olafs to singĀ Unbroken in the hopes that they can win the competition for the first time. Maria hasn’t been singing for to long and thus doesn’t have much history, so instead we will go straight into showing the music video for her song.


This song is a nice slow song from Iceland. Maria’s voice is well done and the lyrics are fairly recognizable. Although the lyrics are slightly repetitive, they are sung well and it was able to draw my attention the entire time. Although the song is likely not destined to win, it’s a fun song to listen to and will likely push Iceland through to the finals again, and hopefully inch it into the top 15 mark.

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