Next up is the powerhouse Ireland! Not only have they won 7 times, but they also are the only country to win three times in a row and the only country in which a performer has one twice (Johnny Logan). But, all of that was before the year 2000. Since the turn of the century, Ireland has been not as well. Although they have done decently well,  qualifying for finals half the time since the introduction of semi-finals, their closest to a win was 8th place in 2011 by Jedward.

This year they are sending Molly Sterling to sing Playing with Numbers in hopes of winning the competition again. As seems to be a trend this year, Molly is the youngest representative in Ireland’s history, being only 17 years of age. But despite her young age, she has released an album last year so she is no newcomer to singing. Let’s hear what her song sounds like.


Although the song itself excited me the use of ‘numbers’ in the title, the song is actually a lost-love story. Although the song itself is not the usualy style of song you might hear in Eurovision, it’s a fairly nice song. It’s exciting to hear a nice twist in the songs this year and we’ll see how Molly performs. If her voice is as strong as it seems in the Music video then she’ll likely do fairly well.

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