Next up in our line up is Belgium! Since winning in 1986 Belgium hasn’t been doing to well since the semi-finals were introduced only getting into the finals twice. In fact, they have received last place 8 times in this entire competition.

This year they are sending Loïc Nottet singing Rhythm Inside in hopes that it will break it’s 28-year no win streak. Loïc is the third representative of Belgium who participated in the Voice. Two years ago, Roberto won the voice and represented Belgium receiving 12th overall. Last year, Axel failed to make the top 48 in the voice and didn’t even get to the finals. Loïc himself got 2nd place in the 3rd season and he’s hoping that two is the lucky number to get him winning the song contest. Let’s here what the song sounds like.


Rhythm inside is quite a good song. It’ll be a little hard to translate onto the stage, but it’s fairly well perceived and has overall good quality. The music video to it is also really nice where it seems the ‘rhythm inside’ is less about dancing with your soulmate and more about who you are as a person. He takes the ‘ideal’ people we should be, puts them on a pedestal and has children next to them copy them, but while also being who they are themselves. (A boy being a nerd instead of a jock, and a girl reading a book instead of putting on make up). It’s a powerful message that will likely get lost on the stage itself, but only time will tell. Let’s see how Belgium does in the song contest. I think it might get into finals again this year.

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