Next up is Israel! Israel has had a rocky history since it’s last win in 1998. In fact, it hasn’t qualified for the finals in the last 4 years of trying. They even tried sending Dana International again in 2011 and that ended up failing badly.

In hopes of finally getting out of the semi-finals they’re sending Nadav Guedj to sing Golden Boy. Nadav is one of the youngest singers this year, turning 16 just a few months back although he doesn’t look it. Even with that, his voice is very professional and I was surprised that he was actually that young Let’s here his voice.

This song is kinda perfect for Eurovision. It reminds me of Opa from Greece a couple years back. It has a fun feel to it and brings a new vibe to Israel’s music scene. Although the song seems slightly inappropriate for a 16 year old, it’s very exciting and makes you want to join in. I think Israel will definitely end it’s no semi-final streak and might even get higher up in the finals.

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