Next up is Denmark! Denmark won 2 years ago and is hoping for a repeat this year. Norway has recently been sending one good song after another usually performing fairly well in the competition. Altogether they have won 3 times.

This year they are sending Anti Social Media to sing The way you are in hopes of bringing back the competition to Denmark. Anti Social Media has been around since 2014 and a pop rock group that seems to have been constructed for the purpose of auditioning for Eurovision. Here is the song they will be singing in Vienna.

This song is really cool. It brings us back to easier times in the past. The lead vocals (Philip) has a really good voice and keeps you involved in the song the whole time. The song really makes me forget about all the other bad entries so far and makes me happy to be watching Eurovision again. I don’t know if the song has enough power to win the competition, but it will definitely give a running chance. Can’t wait to see their performance in Vienna!

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