Next up is Latvia! Since winning in 2002, Latvia has been getting progressively worse and worse failing to qualify for the finals every year since 2009. If you recall last year they had a cake to bake…

This year, hoping to help fix their reputation, they’re sending Aminata who will be singing  Love injected. Aminata has been singing since 2008 and also plays the flute. She tried to represent Latvia last year, but she ended up placing fifth. And considering the cake entry won, that doesn’t say much about her ability. Let’s see what her song sounds like.

This song starts off very strong. Aminata’s voice pulls you in very quickly and keeps control over it. Her controlled stoccato of the lyrics and her voice coming from no where! I’m seriously surprised she wasn’t representing Latvia last year. The performance itself isn’t very good, but hopefully something better will be performed for the actual competition. The ending of the song is also not as strong as the beginning, but overall it’s a really good song. I think Latvia has a decent shot of getting into the finals this year!

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