Lithuania is the next one on our list of countries! Lituania has been in Eurovision since 1994, but has only  made top 10 once and that was in 2006 where they got 6th place. In fact, last year they barely didn’t get into the finals.

This year they are sending Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila to sing This time. Monika herself has been singing since 2007 and has tried to represent Lithuania every year since 2010.  Vaidas on the other hand has been singing since 2005 and finished 3rd in the music reality show Dangus. Together they sing a love song called This time.

This song is a nice song, and Vaidas absolutely destroys it. I have no idea why Monika was selected as I feel her voice completely brings down the whole song. She can’t hit all the notes and sings some of them off key. It’s no wonder she didn’t get selected to represent Lithuania since 2010. The song itself was really nice and I think it might go far if Monika’s voice doesn’t destroy the whole song on stage. Until then I’ll be dreaming about Vaidas’ voice.

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