F.Y.R. Macedonia

Up next is the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia! Macedonia unfortunately has not done very well since it joined in 1998. The best it ever did was 12th place in 2006.  In fact since 2008 Macedonia has only qualified once to the finals.

This year they’re sending Daniel Kajmakoski to sing Autumn leaves in hopes of getting to the ellusive top 10. Daniel has been singing for quite a while and even was a finalist on K Factor Adria.  Although he has never had an album, he has had a few singles which hopefully have given him the experience to help Macedonia into the top 10 this year. Let’s see what song they have for us.

First off, the music video is so cute! I want to vote for this song just for the music video. Daniel’s voice is very nice and draws you in nicely and is very soft and soothing. The song itself is also a very nice song. It’s about losing your love and trying to get over it. I think this song is really good and has a very good chance of at least stopping Macedonia’s inability to get into the finals. I don’t know if it will be good enough to get top 10 in the finals itself, but it will be a good run.

Click here to view Daniel’s participant profile at Eurovision.tv