Malta is our participant in the second semi-final! Although Malta has never won the competition they have come very close in 2002 and 2005 by getting second place. Although they don’t normally do very well in the final, they do usually at least get past the semi-finals which is good.

This year they are sending Amber who will be singing Warrior. Amber has been singing since 2010 and this will not be her first time at Eurovision. She was a background singer for Mala in 2012. She also has also attempted to represent Malta every year since 2011 and finally has the chance to show us what she’s made of. Let’s see what she’s bringing to the table.

Although, we’ve already seen one song about being a warrior, this song has a totally different approach on the topic. Amber goes for a more pop approach and less empowering approach. The violin in the background is amazing and the artistry in the music itself is really nice, but her voice doesn’t really do much for the song. I wish it was someone with a strong voice, but alas she’s the one who was chosen. The song will likely do fairly well, but we’ll have to wait and see until the actual competition to see how this song fairs against the rest.

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