Next up is Finland! Finland has a record of usually sending a unique group to Eurovision. In fact, that helped them win in 2006 with the heavy metal group Lordi. But that weirdness does have a cost having them get last place 9 times and getting nul points 3 times. Since its win in 2006, Finland hasn’t done much better. It was just last year that their group got 11th place.

This year Finland is sending Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät to sing Aina mun pitää. This punk group, usually known as PKN, was formed in 2009 through a charity workshop for adults with developmental disabilities. Not only that, but they are the first punk group to be in Eurovision. Let’s see what this group has to offer.

To be honest the song isn’t really my cup of tea and the music video is slightly disturbing. I think if the group can get across their message then they’ll do fairly well, but that might be fairly difficult. The song itself is about always having to do things, such as waking up, eating, working, and not getting to enjoy other things such as alcohol. We’ll see how well this song does, but I don’t believe it will go very far this year, and might not even qualify for the finals.

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