Next up is Montenegro! Since joining in 2007 Montenegro has not had much luck. They were only last year able to get out of the semi-finals for the first time and placed 19th place. Each year they get better and better and they’re hoping this year they will continue their upward trend.

With these hopes they’re sending Knez to sing Adio.  Knez has a strong history singing having sung since 1992 and working under 3 different record labels. He also has released 8 different albums which have been fairly popular in Montenegro. Let’s see what his song for us sounds like.

Knez’s voice is very well constructed and draws you in. You can tell he’s been doing this for a while and has a strong history of knowing how to move an audience. Although the song itself has some abrupt changes in tempo (likely due to the 3 minute time limit) it is still a well rounded song and might help bring Montenegro back into the finals again this year.

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