Next up is Georgia! Since their joining of Eurovision they unfortunately not done very well. They peaked at 9th place in 2010 and 2011 and haven’t done much better since then. In fact, their song last year received last place in their semi-final which was against my prediction of them barely making it in to the finals.

This year they are sendingĀ Nina Sublatti to singĀ Warrior in hopes of getting higher up in the rankings. Nina has been singing since 2008 and won the Georgian version of Idol in 2013 and her voice shows it. She has a very strong voice and even produced an album last year. Let’s see what her voice sounds like in her music video.

As we can see the song is a typical Eurovision beat. This is the first time that Georgia has gone the more stereotypical Euro-pop beat. And I think that this will help Georgia get one of it’s best runnings. They might even beat their 9th place peak. The song itself is about a woman warrior which will go well with the audience and her good looks will help bring the rest of the audience in as well. I think the song itself has a good chance of going far. Let’s see what happens this year.

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