Norway is next in our tour of Europe for this year’s Eurovision. Norway has had mixed results and is probably one of the countries with the most volatile Eurovision history. They have won 3 times, but they have gotten last place 11 times (4 of which they got nul points) which is the most of any other country (on both negative remarks). But even with their last place finishes, Alexander Rybak remains one of the most successful Eurovision winners and still holds the record for most points won ever in the contest. Since their last place finish 3 years ago, Norway has done relatively good winning 8th last year and 4th the year before.

This year they are sending Møorland and Debrah Scarlett singing A monster like me in hopes of keeping up their record and hopefully winning again. Kjetil Møorland hasn’t done much, but has released just one album. He is a singer and songwriter in Norway. Debrah on the other hand has been singing for two years and competed on the Norweigian version of The Voice. Let’s see what this duo brings to the table

First off, Mørland’s voice in this song is just epic. If he can sing like that live then it will definitely bring the audience. And if the two of them can harmonize properly on stage then Norway has a good shot of being top ten again this year. The song itself has a very weird music video and it will be exciting to see what happens on the stage itself. I think the stage performance will either make or break this performance.

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