Next in our first semi-finals is Greece! Greece has recently done very well in Eurovision, usually getting top 10 and winning in 2005. In fact, they are one of the most successful countries in Eurovision in the 2000’s after only Russia. Since semi-finals have been introduced, they have never failed to qualify. Additionally since 2004 they have only twice not hit top 10 (2012 and 2014).

This year they’re sending Maria-Elena Kyriakou singing One last breath to hopefully reraise the Greek spirits on the downward spiral that seems to have been occuring. Maria is a fairly strong singer, winning the Greek version of the Voice last year. Not only that, but she also has an album getting ready for release. Let’s see what her song sounds like.

One last breath just doesn’t leave me breathless unfortunately. It’s a really good song, and Maria’s voice does the song justice, but it doesn’t seem to be as strong as some of the previous years. In fact, in my opinion, it’s not even as good as last year’s song. Unless there is some spectacle that happens on stage, I don’t see this song going very far. It will likely go into the finals as Greece normally does, but I don’t think it will go much further than that.

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