Next up is Poland! As was the case of Hungary, Poland hasn’t had much luck since it’s 2nd place debut in 1994. In fact, Poland has done worse than Hungary and has only made top 10 one other time. Additionally, since the introduction of semi-finals, Poland has only been in the finals twice.

This year Poland is sending Monika Zuszyńska singing In the name of love to hopefully break Poland’s not so lucky streak. Monika has been singing since 2000 and has a strong vocal history. She had 3 albums with her rock band Varius Manx and a solo album in 2012. Let’s hear the song and see whether it has a shot this year.

Unfortunately the song is not one of my favourites. Traditionally Monika sings rock, so it’s confusing why she woudl chose a pop song. Her voice works wonderfully with the piece, but it fails to draw the audience in and have them want to listen. I think this year Poland will have a difficult time getting out of the semi-finals again.

Click here to view Monika’s participant profile at Eurovision.tv