The Netherlands

Our first entry is The Netherlands! After having no wins since 1975, The Netherlands gave a good strong effort last year with the group The Common Linnets which ended up being one of the crowd favourites in the run up to the actual competition. Whatever the Netherlands did last year turned out to work greatly in their favour as they ended up getting second place! Although the gap between Austria and the Nethlands was over 50 points, they were only one of a few countries that actually had a running chance in winning.

This year they send Trijntje Oosterhuis to sing Walk Along in hopes of winning the competition. Trijntje has had 9 albums, two of which have gotten to the number one spot in the Dutch album charts and only two of which went platinum. The song on the other hand was written by Anouk, which you might remember as being the Danish entry two years back with the song Birds getting 9th place in the competition.

Let’s hear what Anouk’s lyrics and Trijntje’s voice come together as in this years Danish entry.

Unfortunately this song has us wondering why, why, why they have submitted this song. The underlying beat is nice, and Tijntje’s voice is ok, but it seems fairly stretched. Her voice seems to have a little difficulty hitting some of the notes and the lyrics themselves are slightly too repetitive. Although repittion is a good thing, With the word why appearing 90 times (by my count) it’s just a little much. (Although, secretly I was hoping for 10 more why’s to hit a nice round 100). Although not an amazing song, it has an ok shot of getting through the semi-finals and making it into the finale.

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