Our last country for the second semi-finals is Switzerland!

Switzerland has been in the song contest since the very beginning in 1956 and won the competition in 1956 and 1988. But as happens with going to so many competitions, Switzerland has placed last in 7 of those competitions. Recently Switzerland has been doing horribly. Since 2007 they have only qualified for the finals one time and ended up getting last place in that final. Switzerland is hoping to change their losing streak with Sebalter. Sebalter is started off his career as a bassist in a rock band. Since then he began his solo career in 2012 and in December 2013 he got selected to sing his song ‘Hunter of Stars’ as the representation of Switzerland.

Although the song is whimsical and fun (and the singer is super cute!) the song doesn’t do much for the audiences. Sebalter plays it safe with his vocal range and doesn’t give the audience anything fun to listen to musically. The whistling is a nice touch, but other than that the song doesn’t bring anything to interesting to the table. I think, unfortunately, Switzerland will not be making it into the finals another year running.

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