With it being Sunday we should next do Sloenia!

With it’s debut in 1993, Slovenia hasn’t had much luck. Only twice getting 7th place and in the last 10 years they’ve only made the finals twice. Last year they even got last place in their semi-final round. With such a downward trend is there any hope for Slovenia to rise back up? Slovenians think that Tinkara Kovač will do the trick. She started her singing career back in 1997 and has released 9 albums since then. Not only does she sing, but she also plays the flute. This is Tinkara’s 4th attempt and representing Slovenia though which doesn’t bode to well. She was the crowd favourite in 1999, but the jury voted against her which doesn’t sound very promising since now juries have 50% of the voting ability. Will Tinkara’s song ‘Spet’ win over the juries of Europe? Let’s find out!

‘Spet’ translates to ‘Round and Round’ and is about feeling the music and love all around us. It has a nice intro with Tinkara doing a solo on her flute. The song has some very beautiful parts to it and I’m glad this song was chosen to represent Slovenia. Although the piece is gorgeous in most regards it has some awkward bits to it, especially the ending. I think in all the song is a fairly fun piece and might give Slovenia out of the semi-finals for the first time in a while, but won’t make it go to much farther.

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