Let’s start our friday with Romania!

Since it’s debut at last place in 1993 Romania has progressively been getting better getting 3rd in 2005 and in 2010. In order to try and win the competition they are bringing back Paula and Seling from 2010 to try their luck a second time to see if they can’t win over the audiences this time around. Paula is an amazing sincer to the point that Michael Bolton and Beyonce have both invited her to open for them. She also is one of the juror’s on Romanian X Factor. Ovi on the other hand is more of the songwriter type, helping write and compose the song that will be presented by Romania this year. Will ‘Miracle’ rise up to the fame of ‘Playing with fire’ from 2010? Let’s see!

Paula’s voice this year just doesn’t match it’s amazingness from 4 years back. Although the song itself is fun it just doesn’t have the spark from 4 years ago. I think when people are watching it they’ll recall previous years and not like this version as much. That will definitely eat away at their chances at winning. Although it’s a good song overall it just doesn’t compete heavily with any of the amazing songs produced this year. I expect them to hit top 20 in the finals from a nostalgic perspective.

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