Next up is Poland!

Since it’s debut at 2nd place back in 1994 Poland has been getting worse and worse to the point that the last time it competed in 2011 it got last place. Poland decided to take a 2 year break after those citing ‘football’ as the main reason. This year they’re trying to break their losing streak by coming back strong with Donatan and Cleo. Donatan is a producer while Cleo is a singer. Donatan composes the music while Cleo writes the lyrics. They seem like a match made in heaven. And youtube would have to agree! Their song ‘My Slowianie’ which was released in October 2013 had over 40 million views! This time they’re bringing the song to Europe and singing it in English called ‘We are Slavic’. Let’s see if Europe enjoys it as much as Youtube.

The song seems to be trying to sell sex which tends to work in most mainstream media outlets. Mixing slavic and hip-hop beats together creates a nice mix which you normally don’t find. Not only that, but the song is created with the idea that people will be dancing to it. It makes you want to dance the day away in a club. The only thing that they do to much of showing the breasts of the women which likely won’t be an issue in the performance itself. The song should do fairly well especially with the slavs in the audience. And consider political voting, Poland will definitely make the finals this year and has a good chance at hitting top 10.

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