Denmark’s neighbour Norway is up next!

Norway has had a lot of ups and downs. It has participated in 52 Eurovision song contests winning 3 of them, one of which was Alexander Rybak’s win back in 2009. But with being in the competition for so long, Norway also has the record for most last place finishes out of any other country with an astounding 11 times! The most recent lose happened in 2012 when it’s neighbour Sweden won the competition. With Norway watching it’s other neighbour Denmark take the competition this time Norway is likely to try it’s hardest to show it’s a powerhouse as well. This year they’re sending Carl Espen to represent them. Carl not only is a singer, but also a songwriter, writing this years song for Norway. Although he has never had a profession as a singer his song inspired his cousin to force him to enter it into the Norwgian national selection. From there the song, called ‘Silent Storm’, won over the hearts of Norway, but will it win over the hearts of Europe?

Although not normally a song that goes very far in Eurovision, Carl’s voice is just gorgeous to listen to. The simplicity of the song and the passion behind is easily portrayed through his voice and through the piano playing in the background. The composition just makes you stop whatever you’re doing and listen in. It’s a fairly powerful song and will likely do very well for the competition, especially considering Carl is not normally a singer. It’ll be exciting to see what his performance will be like as it has so much potential. I expect him to make the finals and if he can sing well live and doesn’t buckle under pressure he might even make top 10.

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