Next up in the second semi-finals is Malta

Malta has gotten close to winning the competition quite a few times between 1992 and 2006 getting bronze twice and silver twice as well, but then came Fabrizio in 2006 and Malta has been downhill since then. Fabrizio’s last place finish has now turned Malta’s usual top 10 finish into a barely qualify. Since 2006 they’ve only qualified for the finals 3 times, and of those 3 only 1 was within the top 20. Hoping to break the negative streak Malta is sending Firelight, a folk band that was just formed in June 2013. The song they’ll be performing is called ‘Coming home’ and comes directly from the album that they just released (with 8 other songs on it).

The song itself is about a soldier coming home from war and was dedicated to the soldiers who never made it home from World War I which happened 100 years ago. Firelight has some amazing singers in it that just bring you into the song. Although the song itself is not normally a style I enjoy I found myself dancing along to it. I think it’ll definitely win over some hearts that this type of song normally doesn’t and might win some surprise votes because of it. I think it might do well enough to make it into the finals and from there I expect it to get into the top 15.

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