Next up is Lithuania!

Lithuania hasn’t done to well as a country in Eurovision. Not only have they come in last place twice, but they’ve never made top 5. Last year they barely qualified for the finals, but ended in 22nd place. This year they’re sending Vilija Matačiūnaitė to hopefully break the top 5 barrier and it seems like she has a chance. She’s been doing fairly well in international competitions, even winning UK’s music competition ‘Melange Factor’ back in 2012. Not only that, but she also writes her own songs, even writing the song that will be representing Lithuania at Eurovision. The song she created is called ‘Attention’ and was created while living in London.

‘Attention’ is a fun song to listen to, but considering the competitions she’s been winning her voice would actually be better. The beats of the song are ripe and would be torn by someone who can actually sing the song. It’s odd that she created a song to perform that doesn’t even fit her vocal style. The happy vibe of the song will allow it to go fairly far though, but we’ll see if they break the top 15 in the finals this year.

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