Happy Easter Sunday! Oddly enough, next on our list is Israel!

Israel has done fairly good in Eurovision winning the competition 3 times and coming in second twice. The last 3 years haven’t been so good for Israel though as they haven’t even been able to qualify for the finals. This year they’re sending Mei Finegold to hopefully win over the hears of Europe. Known mainly for her ability to perform amazing covers of old Israeli songs Mei enjoys her music and has been doing it from a very young age.

This year Mei will be singing ‘Same Heart’ Which she sings in multiple languages which is unique in this Eurovision as most countries are singing their songs in just one language. Even though Israel is in love with her voice her voice does occasionally crack when trying to hit certain beats, and considering this is a promotional music video that’s likely been tuned I’m slightly afraid to see what she sounds like in real life. Also her outfit choices and dance moves are reminiscent of a Beyonce music video that’s been badly redone. Although I enjoy the song and it’s done in traditional Eurovision fashion, I don’t think Israel is going to win this year.

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