Let’s bring in Friday with Ireland’s entry!

Not only has Ireland won more contests than any other country (7 times!) but they also won an unprecedented 3 consecutive victories (1992, 1993, and 1994). In all, Ireland has one of the best performance histories of any other country; at least before 2001. Since 2001 Ireland has found it hard to get into the spotlight, to the point that they received last place in the finals last year. Their hope of reclaiming their glory days will rely on Can-Linn.

‘Heartbeat’ is the song that Ireland is sending to the competition this year and it’s a fairly fun song. They’re following the Jedward theme with something more Eurovision style centric. Heartbeat is a song that I might hear on the radio which gives it good running speed to be in the finals this year. It’s upbeat personality is generally the type of song that audiences like to hear. I expect Ireland to do fairly good this year.

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