Greece is next on our list for the 2nd semi-final

Greece has typically done fairly well in the Eurovision song contest. They normally get top 10 with their songs, winning once in 2005. This year they’re hoping Freaky fortune will help them relieve their experience from 2005. Freaky fortune is a greek duo who have been together since at least 2011. They had major global success when they won Perez Hilton’s cover competition with a Katy Perry cover. They now hope to win over Europe with ‘Rise Up’.

This song is bound to be a hit in the club scenes. It’s dance and techno beats are created with the whole purpose of getting you up and out of your seat. Although the lyrics are lacking, the beats and song itself more than make up for it. This song seems like it’s going to be a phenomenal piece and I can’t wait to see the performance. If it’s performance is as upbeat and great as the song then it’s sure to hit top 10 this year.

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