Finland is next up in our second semi-final countdown

Finland has been participating in the Eurovision song contest since 1961, but didn’t get it’s first victory until Lordi back in 2006. Since it’s debut Finland has been dead last 9 times including most recently in 2009. This time they’re hoping for another victory through rock by the Finish rock band Softengine. The band itself is relatively new, forming in 2011. Eurovision will be the first big performance that the band will have so it’ll be exciting what these youngens have in store for us.

Softengine will be singing a song called ‘Something Better’. Traditionally rock songs haven’t done the best in the song contest, but this year the talent this band represents might win over a portion of the audience that normally don’t vote. The song itself is fun to listen to and will very likely make it into the finals. It even has a decent shot of making it into the top 10. We’ll see what they’re performance is like on the day of.

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